McStas - Project funding

During its lifetime, McStas efforts have been supported through several European Union RTD and JRA programmes, plus several instrument development projects for facilities.

Project Program type Funding period
XENNI RTD (EU FP4) February 1st 1996 - January 31st 2000
Cool Neutrons RTD (EU FP4) May 1st 1998 - April 30th 2001
SCANS RTD (EU FP5) March 1st 2000 - February 29th 2004
MCNSI JRA in NMI3 (EU FP6) 2004 - 2006
MCNSI7 JRA in NMI3/FP7 (EU FP7) 2006 - 2008
NMI3-II/FP7 outreach project JRA in NMI3/FP7 (EU FP7) 2012 - 2016
ISIS TS2 EU project Infrastructure project in (EU FP6) 2006-2009
Instrument simulations for the ESS design update Danish in-kind project toward the ESS 2009-2012
Secondment of P Willendrup from DTU for
supporting instrument simulations for the ESS
Integral part of the ESS DMSC 2014-2022
SINE2020 Part of WP3 and WP8 (EU H2020) 2016 - 2019