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Changes in version 1.10 (Dec 4, 2006)

[ general ][ kernel ][ documentation ][ tools ][ components ][ WARNING ]

- This release is a major step forward for McStas in terms of support for polarisation.
Peter Christiansen who worked at Risoe March-October 2006 was the main workforce
behind this new functionality, backed by funding from ISIS, work by Rob Dalgliesh at
ISIS and inspiration from the VitESS and NISP packages. As this is the first release
with polarisation support, the methods and algorithms implemented will certainly be
developed further. Hence, documentation of the functionality has been placed in an
appendix to the manual.
Polarisation users: Please give us feedback for further development!
Items marked by (p) below relate to the new polarisation support.
- New keywords for the meta language improves support for e.g. description of sample
- A method for automatic optimisation has been implemented, e.g. for achieving maximum flux
at the sample position (any quantity measured by a McStas monitor can be optimised) as a
function of simulation parameters.
- Bugfixes in many different areas.

- New WHEN keyword, conditional use of components,
COMPONENT MyComp=Component(...) WHEN (condition) AT
- New JUMP keyword, possibility to iterate a given component a number of times (multiple
scattering) or for 'teleportation' to a given component. (USE WITH CAUTION)
- Improved COPY keyword with parameter substitution (Make a copy of an other component
instance with a few parameters changed)
- Spin propagation algorithm (When magnetic field is set 'on', the central propagation
routines also handle Larmor precession in the field) (p)
- Handeling of analytical B-fields (p)

- Manual and component manual slightly updated according to adding/modification of components
and functionality. New appendix on the polarisation features. (p)

- New 'merge/convert' tool mcformat: Convert between McStas output formats and merge cluster
node datasets into one dataset.
- TOF mode for mcdisplay (Statistical chopper acceptance diagrams generated from the simulated
neutron rays. Currently only supported on Unix systems with PGPLOT.)
- Optmisation support in mcrun/mcgui using Perl::Amoeba (se description above)
- POSIX threading on multi-core processors (BEWARE, performance is generally better using MPI)
- mcgui: Note that if you experience crashes when starting/running GNOME/Gtk2 applications,
update your perl-Tk installation. Two ways to do this:
1) Get the tarball from and
install using 'perl Makefile.PL && make && make install'.
2) Do a 'make tk' in the McStas unpacked McStas source directory. This will download and
install the tarball into your McStas system directory.

- Monochromator_pol.comp - Polarising monochromator/analyzer (p)
- Pol_bender.comp - Polarising bender (p)
- Pol_mirror.comp - Polarising mirror (p)
- Pol_guide_vmirror.comp - Guide with semi-transparent, polarising mirror (p)
- Pol_simpleBfield.comp - Numerical precession in analytical B-fields (p)
- 3 Polarisation monitors - MeanPolLambda_monitor.comp, PolLambda_monitor.comp
Pol_monitor.comp (p)
- PSD_Detector.comp - Physical detector - comes with many gas lookup tables
(Contrib: Thorwald van Vuure, ILL)
- Virtual_mcnp_*.comp - MCNP event file handeling
(Contrib: Chama Hennane, ENSIMAG and Emmanuel Farhi, ILL)
- Source_multi_surfaces.comp - Source comp with multiple surface areas with individual
(Contrib: Ludovic Giller, EPFL and Uwe Filges, PSI)
- multi_pipe.comp - Defines a 'grid' of slits (focusing device)
(Contrib: Uwe Filges, PSI)
- Exact_radial_coll.comp - Radial collimator comp, exact model
(Contrib: Roland Schedler, HMI)
- FermiChopper_ILL.comp - Fermi Chopper comp with optional supermirror coated blades.
(Contrib: Helmut Schober, ILL)
- V_sample enriched with quasi-elastic features (Kim Lefmann)

Example Instruments
- TAS frontend with reciprocal space (hkl) calculator (Emmanuel Farhi)
- Example instruments for polarisation comps (p)
- QUENS_test.instr (Test of new quasi-elastic features V_sample)

- Much easier installation on Windows, single executable file with all support applications
is now available. Simply click 'next' alle the way and you are done.
- PGPLOT and Scilab installation help tools on Linux systems

- Because of rapid changes in the support software for McStas, the current release has support
for only some releases of:

* Scilab (Win32 and Unix) - pick release 4.0 if available or pick release 3.0 from , e.g. from
(Automatically included in the Win32 .exe installer and Linux Scilab installer)

* Perl (Win32) - on Windows we only support Perl 5.6 - pick
(Automatically included in the Win32 .exe installer)

* If you are running Unix with GNOME/Gtk2 applications, you may experience problems with mcgui
crashing, please install updated perl-Tk from

Last modified March 7 2007 by E. Farhi

Last Modified: Wednesday, 07-Mar-2007 14:55:56 CET
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