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McStas 1.7: changes

Changes in version 1.8 (Mar 4, 2004)

  • Kernel (i.e. the 'mcstas' program)
    • a PREVIOUS keyword has been implemented, for referencing e.g. position placement
          to upsteam components.
    • improvements to runtime randvec_target_rect functions
    • Updated Mersenne Twister random number generator
  • Run-time library (e.g. the instrument program)
    • instruments can now have default input values
  • New Components (in the lib directory)
    • Official components
            - Sans_spheres, a sample for small angle neutron scattering
            - Powder2, a two ring powder sample
            - Phonon_simple, a phonon scattering sample
            - Guide_gravity improved
    • Contributed components
            - Guide_tapering, guide with elliptical/parabolic/general tapering
              (Uwe Filges)
            - ISIS_moderator, (Stuart Ansell and Dickon Champion)
            - Guide_curved (Ross Stewart)
  • Tools
    • mcgui now has a special Neutron Site menu (auto generated) to allow distribution
          of instruments
    • Various bugfixes, especially on the Win32 platform and RedHat 9 specific stuff
    • mcgui now includes an option to 'scan' instrument parameters (previously only
          possible using
    • script has been added to the distribution, converts between
          Matlab and Scilab type output. Cyclic conversion, e.g. Matlab->Scilab->Matlab
          is not supported.
    • mcplot opens scan steps with Matlab/Scilab backends
    • mcrun now has support for Matlab/Scilab backends, built in test procedure
          (mcrun --test), poor man's grid computing - see the manual for information on
          how to use this.
    • mcdoc support for instrument headers, support for the built in tutorial
    • Improved tutorial built into the gui tools 
    • editor, various improvements (line numbers etc.)

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