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Status of next McStas release

NOTE: This page will be updated shortly, a new McStas release has just come out...

Below, the status on different wanted features / enhancements to the McStas software is indicated. The list is (probably) not complete.

The color codes indicate:

- Feature has been implemented - or very close at least ;)
- Feature will be implemented before next release
- Feature will be implemented in a later release
- Feature depends on work by McStas community

Kernel Status
"Switch/Skip" components (Component group ABSORB GROUP COMPONENT - can be done, example in manual?)
"Share" components (done, sharing "shareable" parts - lib style) - Logging event support (Can be done, Monitor_nd - example in manual?)
"Split" neutrons (see switch/skip + extend feature - example in manual)
Framework for table input ?!? (If about parameter input, should be doable, through defines)
Compile runtime+shared functions - through example in manual.
Retrieve old monitor data, read from file by Virtual_input -> mcstas_r
%INCLUDE keyword for "inclusion" of components in components... (To think about), done. :) -> component_shares/My_function_name_include
Option to trace background events - no, perhaps absorbed neutrons instead?
Loop/Additive groups - very complex, in principle can be done within each component
MPI - pvm?
Nexus - function calls (partially written)
Runtime Status
Gravity (functions defined, only used in gravity guide - merge probagation routines, easy task)
Functions for Nexus (to be written)
Components Status
Prepare all for polarisation - done.
ESS moderators - done.
Monitor_nD, replace p by other phys. quantity, easy task.
Renaming of components (optics/samples) (e.g. Guide_*)
Monochromator, reflectivity curve from file. renormalisation by r0, simple.
Check fluxes / absolute fluxes - provide experimental data + instrument definition
Powder component take input, written, should be tested. 2 lines, n lines.
Sample for SANS - existing components (single xtal ex.), other parms, powder to be checked.
Bender, to be tested check for absolute fluxes, as compared to a number of linear guides.
Virtual_Output - should be written, macro for calling Monitor_nD? - See %INCLUDE in kernel section.
rand_target_rect, modification according to formula.
Sort components in cathegories, official, contrib, obsolete
$Log: status.html,v $ Revision 1.2 2009-09-24 09:49:26 pkwi Updating a few old mail addrs Revision 2004-06-22 12:04:09 pkwi Import of website - cvs revision no, etc. for both McStas kernel / lib, automated using cvs?. Origin indicates research institution, McVersion required McStas Version
Inelastic samples, inclusion of already written components for this? Test reqd.
Sample for amorphous materials, (inelastic?) structure from asympt. apx. from powder sample.
Monochromator w/ parasitic Bragg channel - not too complicated.
Andrew Garret components.
Instruments Status
Intercomparison intstruments H8, IRIS, RITA-II, IN12, TAS1, IN14,...
Component test modules
Moved to lib/examples/H8,... including instrument files + data + test results from "stable version" incl. test-script.
Tools Status
Automated optimization -> Optimisation (LM?) - great complexity... Manual example?
Improve GUI - scilab and matlab plotting backends.
Status monitor support (Tool to be written - script) - access pid, daemon.
html / png / page generation. (perhaps scilab based?) - mcplot?
mcdisplay date checking for recompilation, through mcrun -n 1
export in several formats, ps, gif, scilab, matlab, idl, xml...
mcdisplay show help info when no arguments (l. 517)
mcdoc: changed to show instruments also.
Analyzer bank generator (RITA2 type setup), script
mcdisplay 3D?
BatchMaker? Ask author to contibute
Documentation Status
FAQ list in manual
Examples for group, share etc.
Component manual info should be included, user auth. for contrib.
valid latex2e code. (latex2html, pdftex etc.)
doc directory.
Community related Status
Developers list (common with McXtrace)
License problems? Inclusion of GPL'ed mersene twister etc, png. etc.
More user communication on ongoing projects. (Either a web page or a monthly reminder to mailing list)
Intercomparison info on web page
Add new components (RISØ, Th. Hansen,...)
Contact NIMB for publications - ("recommended journal" on web)
SCANS extenstion
v 1.7 release

Last Modified: Thursday, 24-Sep-2009 11:49:26 CEST
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