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McStas: Dose_calculator Component

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The Dose_calculator Component

Calculating dose rate at the outer surface of lateral shielding of uniform thickness made of material specified in the component input (concrete, iron or lead). Shielding starts at a distance 0.5*Innerspace from the center of the guide.


  • Author: Rodion Kolevatov
  • Origin: IFE
  • Date: August 2018
  • Version: 1.0


A Shielding_logger together with a set of Shielding_iterators is required.
Iterators should contain Monitor_nD components for recording capture rates.

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
Material "Fe"
Innerspace 0.3
Thickness 0.2
SteelTubing ""
TubingThickness 0.0
NiCaptureFile "NiCapture.dat"
TiCaptureFile "TiCapture.dat"
TotalCaptureFile "TotalCapture.dat"
OutputFile "Dose.dat"


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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