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McStas: Virtual_tripoli4_output Component

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The Virtual_tripoli4_output Component

Detector-like component that writes neutron state parameters into a 'virtual source' neutron file when neutrons come from the source : Virtual_tripoli4_input.comp



Detector-like component writing neutron state parameters to a
virtual source neutron file when neutron are coming from a
The component geometry is the full plane, and saves the neutron state as
it exits from the previous component.
Format is the one used by TRIPOLI4.4 stock files :

  NEUTRON energy position_X position_Y position_Z dir_X dir_Y dir_Z weight

energy is in [Mega eV]
positions are in [cm] and the direction vector is normalized to 1.

This component will NOT work with parallel execution (MPI/GPU).

To create a file collecting all neutron states with TRIPOLI4 format
 COMPONENT T4output = Virtual_tripoli4_output(
   filename = "exit_guide_result.dat", batch = 1 )
 at the position where will be the Virtual_tripoli4_input when reading the file.

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
filename str Name of the Tripoli4 neutron output file, or stdout if left to 0. 0
batch 1 Index of the Tripoli batch to generate, when no Tripoli4_input component is available in instrument. 1


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