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McStas: SAFARI_PITSI Instrument at Necsa

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The SAFARI_PITSI Instrument

Powder Instrument for Transition in Structure Investigations


  • Site: Necsa
  • Author: Deon Marais (
  • Origin: Necsa
  • Date: September 2013
  • Version: $Revision 0.1 $


Necsa Neutron Powder Diffractometer located at beam port 5 of the SAFARI-1 research reactor, South Africa

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
source_lam_min Angs Minimum wavelenth of source 0.5
source_lam_max Angs Maximum wavelenth of source 2.0
hi_res - Selects hi-resolution(1) or hi-intensity(0) reactor beam through primary shutter 0
mono_Si_type Mostly used: 331 and 551 Monochromator Silicon type options: 422 400 311 511 111 331 551
mono_mosh arc min Monochromator horizontal mosaicity 30
mono_mosv arc min Monochromator vertical mosaicity 30
mono_dx m Monochromator delta x - positive to left of reactor beam 0
mono_dy m Monochromator delta y - positive upward of reactor beam 0
mono_dz m Monochromator delta z - positive along reactor beam 0
mono_takeoff deg Monochromator takeoff angle - positive anti-clockwise from reactor beam 90.0
mono_dtilt deg Monochromator tilt angle - not implemented yet 0
mono_r_h min 5.0 m [m] Monochromator horizontal focus radius 5.0
mono_r_v min 0.9 m [m] Monochromator vertical focus radius 3.572
port_takeoff 70 or 90 deg [deg] Port takeoff angle - positive anti clockwise from reactor beam 90.0
inc_slit_rot deg Incident slit delta rotation - not implemented yet 0
inc_slit_dx m Incident slit delta x position - positive to left of incident beam 0
inc_slit_to_cor m Incident slit to sample stage center of rotation 0.01
inc_slit_width m Incident slit width 0.00013m to 0.006m 0.006
inc_slit_height m Incident slit height 0m to 0.05m 0.05
inc_slit_sep - Incident slit separation between width and height. <0:use emperical calc, >=0:distance in m 0
mono_to_cor m Distance between monochromator and center of rotation 2.5
sample_dx m Sample delta x - positive to left of incident beam if sample_dom=0 0
sample_dy m Sample delta y - positive upword of incident beam 0
sample_dz m Sample delta x - positive along of incident beam if sample_dom=0 0
sample_dom deg Sample delta omega - positive anti-clockwise from incident beam 0
det_takeoff deg Detector takeoff angle - positive anti-clockwise from incident beam -114.375
cor_to_det m Distance between sample centre of rotation and detector 1.179
dangle_interest deg Delta angle of interenterest. 125
full_instrument - When 1, simulates the complete instrument. When 0, only simulate from the outlet collimator 1


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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