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McStas: Test_Pol_TripleAxis Instrument at Templates

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The Test_Pol_TripleAxis Instrument

Based on Emmanuel Farhi's thermal H8 triple-axis spectrometer from Brookhaven reactor


  • Site: Templates
  • Author: Peter Christiansen
  • Origin: RISOE
  • Date: July 2006.
  • Version:(Unknown)


This instrument is a simple model of the thermal H8 triple-axis
spectrometer from former Brookhaven reactor. It has an (polarizing)
monochromator and a (polarizaing) analyzer. The sample is a vanadium
Three cases can be done:
-1) Spin flip (flipper is inserted): Up->Down
 0) No polarization: Up/Down->Up/Down
 1) No spin flip: Up->Up
The Vanadium sample should give I(0)=2*(I(-1)+I(1)) and I(-1)=2*I(1).

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
OPTION 1 See above  
LAMBDA Angs Source wavelength 2.0
MOZ Arc minutes Mosaicity 40


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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