The distribution packages for McStas may be downloaded via

Installing McStas 2.2a and later on Windows

See bottom of page for known issues for this platform.


The Windows installation bundle has no configurable options and defaults to install McStas in

Start it after installation by using the desktop links mcstas-2.2a-shell and mcgui-2.2a.

Installation screenshots

Screenshot from the Perl installation:

Starting Perl installation (not needed if Perl 5.18 is already installed - but please remove any OLDER version of Perl before starting this install):

Accept Perl license:

Perl directory location:

Perl installation go:

Install process:

Finishing Perl install (no need to view the README file):

Screenshot from the McStas metapackage installation:

Starting the installation:

Dependency overview:

Installation go:

Extracting files:

Unpacking and installing Perl extensions (two terminal windows may appear):

Completing installation:

After installation two Desktop shortcuts should appear (You MUST use these to start the installed version of McStas as McStas is not installed on the Window system PATH):

Please report any trouble in using these instructions to

Known issues for the Windows platform:

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