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  • McStas webpage, Per-Olof Åstrand
  • McStas 1.5, Per-Olof Åstrand
  • More monitor components, Kim Lefmann
  • A realistic continuous source component, Kim Lefmann
  • A guide component with intrinsic waviness, Kim Lefmann
  • McStas 1.6 available for evaluation and use at ILL, Emmanuel Farhi
  • McStas 1.5 and 1.6-alpha, Emmanuel Farhi
  • compile problem with mcstas-1.5, Ulrich C. Wildgruber MPI fuer Metallforschung Stuttgart
  • McStas 1.5: if you encouter compilation problems, Emmanuel Farhi
  • McStas 1.5: bad sources, Emmanuel Farhi
  • McStas developments, Kim Lefmann
  • McStas: Very sad situation. Keep on using it. And tell us about it., Emmanuel Farhi

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