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McStas news items from 1999

(December 1, 1999) New ILL McStas Page

ILL have now put up a very impressive ILL McStas web page. Lots of information on the McStas efforts at the ILL are available.

(November 12, 1999) New components on the unofficial downloads page

Some new components have been added to the unofficial downloads page: a source optimizer for improving the efficiency of simulations, and a flux adapter for simulating a real wavelength distribution form the neutron source. These were contributed by Emmanuel Farhi<> who has been very busy with McStas lately!. Many thanks to Emmanuel and to Philipp Bernhardt, Andrew Garrett, Peter Link, Georg Artus, and Pay Schulze Horn who have also contributed components in the past. 

(October 4, 1999) Red Hat Linux downloads

Binary packages ("RPMs") for Red Hat Linux of the libraries needed by McStas front-ends have been added to the download page. Hopefully this will help solve some of the problems people have been experiencing getting this library (and hence the graphical front-ends) to work. A section on this problem has also been added to the FAQ

(September 27, 1999) Publication list

A list of publications mentioning McStas has been created. 

(June 9, 1999) McStas FAQ

A new Frequently Asked Questions page has been added. This contains a list of common questions regarding McStas, along with their answer. 

(May 26, 1999) Web page update

The McStas web page has moved to a new location:
References to the old server will automatically generate a page pointing to the new location. 

(Mar. 31, 1999) McStas v1.1 released

McStas v1.1 has now been released, and may be obtained from the download page. An updated copy of the manual is also available. McStas v1.1 includes more components, has a new and better output file format, and has a new mcplot graphical front-end as well as a much improved mcdisplay front-end. See the CHANGES file for details on what is new in v1.1. 

(Feb. 9, 1999) Web page update

A download page for unofficial McStas downloads has been set up. On this page is found a number of components and new features, written at Risø or by users and not yet integrated into the official McStas version. 

(Feb. 9, 1999) Bug in TOF_monitor

Philipp Bernhardt ( reported an off-by-one bug in the TOF_monitor component. See the mailing list posting for details. An updated TOF_monitor component with the bug fixed is now available. 
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