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McStas: Pol_bender_tapering Component

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The Pol_bender_tapering Component

Polarising bender.


  • Author: Erik Bergbäck Knudsen (
  • Origin: DTU Physics
  • Date: June 2012
  • Version:(Unknown)


fileformat for channel file columns:
d-spacing1 d-spacing2 l_spacer d-coatingp1 d-coatingn1 [d-coatingp2] [dcoatingn2]  

fileformat for reflectivity file:
#parameter = m 
q/m R(up) R(down)

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
channel_file see above [] File name of file containing channel data. such as spacer widths etc. "channel.dat"
xwidth m Width at the guide entry 0
yheight m Height at the guide entry  
length m length of guide along center  
entry_radius option to xwidth [] radius of the entrance window 10
radius +:curve left/-:right [m] curvature of a single plate/polarizer 100
G 9.8
nslit 1
debug 1 if debug > 0 print out some internal parameters 1
reflect_file NULL
drawOption 1
sigma_abs barn Absorption per unit cell at v=2200 m/s of spacers. Defaults to Al. 0.231
V0 AA^3 [] Volume of unit cell for spacers. Defaults to Al. 66.4
nspacer 5

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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