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McStas: ViewModISIS Component

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The ViewModISIS Component

Modification of ViewModerator4 component written by S. Ansell in 2015 G. Skoro Tested with McStas 2.0 and 2.2 (Windows)


  • Author:(Unknown)
  • Origin: ISIS
  • Date: February 2016
  • Version: 1st Draft


Produces a neutron distribution at the ISIS TS1 or TS2 beamline shutter front face (or corresponding moderator) position.  
The Face argument determines which TS1 or TS2 beamline is to be sampled by using corresponding Etable file.
Neutrons are created having a range of energies determined by the E0 and E1 arguments.
Trajectories are produced such that they pass through the shutter front face (RECOMENDED) or moderator face (defined by 
xw and yh) and a focusing rectangle (defined by focus_xw, focus_yh and dist). 

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
Face string Etable filename "TS1_S04_Merlin.mcstas"
E0 meV Lower edge of energy distribution  
E1 meV Upper edge of energy distribution  
modPosition at shutter insert [int] Defines the initial surface for neutron distribution production. Possible values = 0 (at moderator) or 1 0
xw m Moderator width 0.12
yh m Moderator height 0.12
focus_xw m Width of focusing rectangle 0.094
focus_yh m Height of focusing rectangle 0.094
dist m Distance from source surface to the focusing rectangle 1.7
verbose int Flag to output debugging information 0
beamcurrent uA ISIS beam current 1


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