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McStas: DivLambda_monitor Component

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The DivLambda_monitor Component

Divergence/wavelength monitor.


  • Author: Kristian Nielsen
  • Origin: Risoe
  • Date: 1999
  • Version:(Unknown)


2D detector for intensity as a function of both horizontal divergence
and wavelength.

Example: DivLambda_monitor(nL=20, nh=20, filename="Output.div",
          xmin=-0.1, xmax=0.1, ymin=-0.1, ymax=0.1,
          maxdiv_h=2, Lmin=2, Lmax=10)

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
nL 1 Number of bins in wavelength 20
nh 1 Number of bins in divergence 20
filename string Name of file in which to store the detector image 0
xmin m Lower x bound of detector opening -0.05
xmax m Upper x bound of detector opening 0.05
ymin m Lower y bound of detector opening -0.05
ymax m Upper y bound of detector opening 0.05
xwidth m Width of detector. Overrides xmin,xmax. 0
yheight m Height of detector. Overrides ymin,ymax. 0
maxdiv_h degrees Maximal horizontal divergence detected 2
Lmin AA Minimum wavelength detected  
Lmax AA Maximum wavelength detected  
restore_neutron 1 If set, the monitor does not influence the neutron state 0
nx 0
ny 1 Vector definition of "forward" direction wrt. divergence, to be used e.g. when the monitor is rotated into the horizontal plane. 0
nz 1
nowritefile 1 If set, monitor will skip writing to disk 0

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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