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McStas was supported by the
  • MCNSI Joint Research Activity (JRA) within the Neutron Muon Integrated Inffrastructure Initiative (NMI3) within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Union
Through this funding programme, the McStas Team cooperates with other projects working on neutron MC software: Outside of MCNSI we cooperate also with the US MC and other software projects Other related projects, software and information: Insitutions and/or organisations with known users of our package (unordered list)
  • Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark
  • ILL, Grenoble, France
  • ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, United Kingdom
  • HMI, Berlin, Germany
  • FRM-II, München, Germany
  • FZ Jülich, Jülich near Düsseldorf, Germany
  • PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
  • NPI, Rez near Prague, Czech Republic
  • NFL, Studsvik, Sweden
  • SNS, Oak Ridge, Tennesee, USA
  • ANSTO, Australia
  • NBI, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • CEA/Grenoble, Grenoble, France
  • ESRF, Grenoble, France
  • LLB, Saclay, France
  • KEK, Japan
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