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November 1, 2001: The email list, neutron-mc, is temporarily closed

October 10, 2001: McStas 1.5 is available

October 10, 2001: New generic source component

A generic source component, Source_gen, has been added.

October 9, 2001: Source components corrected

The source components, Source_flat, Source_div and Source_flat_lambda, now handle the illumination correctly.

October 9, 2001: New components added

The following monitors have been added: EPSD_monitor, PSDcyl_monitor, PSDlin_monitor, TOF_cylPSD_monitor, TOFlog_mon, and TOFLambda_monitor. In addition, a guide modeling waviness, Guide_wavy, has been added.

October 9, 2001: Problems with access to McStas web-page

The McStas web-page has been unavailable for approximately a week. It was caused by some hardware problems at Risø, and, in particular, the new fire-wall at Risø. We hope that these problems have been solved properly.

September 18, 2001: Error in Channeled_guide and Gravity_guide

Andrew Wildes and Emmanuel Farhi have detected an error when using focusing geometry in Channeled_guide. The slope of the channels is not computed corrected correctly, because the same left and right slopes are used in all channels. This has now been included properly in Gravity_guide, and it is recommended that this component is used.

September 18, 2001: An error has been found in the source components

The illumination is not calculated correctly. This will corrected in McStas 1.5 and the release will therefore be delayed a couple of days. The intention is that McStas will be released within a couple of days.

August 7, 2001: A rewritten version of Gravity_guide.comp is available

For further information and for a version working with McStas 1.4.2, see the email by Emmanuel Farhi. For the official version of the new Gravity_guide.comp, some support has been added to the kernel.

April 26, 2001: A corrected version of Monitor_nD.comp is available

For further information, see the email by Emmanuel Farhi.

April 26, 2001: A corrected version of Arm.comp is available

 A small error was introduced in Arm.comp in McStas 1.4.2, which has been corrected. For further information, see the emails by Ulrich Wildgruber and Stuart Rycroft

April 6, 2001: McStas 1.4.2 has been released

An updated version of McStas 1.4 has been released. In particular, support for a three-component representation of the spin is available and the polarisation state vector has been added to all components in the McStas release. It should be emphasized, however, that in the current version no components actually modify the spin vector. Further information is found at the Developments page

April 5, 2001: An updated version of Monitor_nD.comp is available

Emmanuel Farhi has provided an updated version of Monitor_nD.comp

April 2, 2001: SCANS meeting March 22-23 at PSI

Some additional developments of McStas were suggested and discussed at the SCANS meeting and they have been collected at the Developments page.

March 16, 2001: McStas 1.4.1 has been released

An updated version of McStas 1.4 has been released including some minor fixes and extensions. You should determine if it is worthwhile for you to update by looking at the Developments page.

March 15, 2001: A corrected version of Gravity_guide.comp is available

An updated version of Gravity_guide.comp has been provided by Kim Lefmann correcting the error in the protection of variables.

March 15, 2001: An updated Bender.comp is available

An updated version of Bender.comp written by Philipp Bernhardt has been included in the component library. For further information, see the email by Stuart Rycroft.

February 23, 2001: New source components for ESS

Generic long- and short-pulse components, ESS_moderator_long.comp and ESS_moderator_short.comp, have been developed by Kim Lefmann. The components cover all target station/moderator combinations currently discussed by the ESS Instrumentation Group.

February 19, 2001: Updated components

An updated version of Monitor_nD.comp has been provided by Emmanuel Farhi. Support for monitoring correlations has been included that requires the new component PreMonitor_nD.comp. For further information, see the email by Emmanuel. Furthermore, it should be noted that updates correcting minor errors in Monitor_Optimizer.comp and Source_Optimizer.comp are available. Earlier versions exist in the official McStas release and may cause problems.

February 12, 2001: The mc3d GUI has been added to "Unofficial contributions"

February 8, 2001: Link to StatMon homepage

A link is provided to the StatMon homepage. StatMon is a graphical user interface for monitoring McStas simulations developed by Stephan Gekle and Ulrich C. Wildgruber. It was tested at the McStas workshop at Risø in January, and it was concluded that this kind of Java-based GUI:s are and will be very useful. Consequently, it was decided that the McStas kernel will be modified to support StatMon. McStas users are also encouraged to use and test StatMon and to suggest further developments along these lines.

February 6, 2001: Upload and download files by accessing a public directory

A new service is introduced which gives McStas users the possibility to upload files to a public directory and thereby to exchange files with each other. More information is found in the "Exchange of files between users" entry in the menu.

February 6, 2001: New email address:

There is a new email address,, that should be used in contacts with the McStas developers at Risø. Additional contact information may be found in the "Contact us" entry in the menu.

February 5, 2001: Revision of webpages

This webpage will be revised quite extensively on a day-to-day basis during the next month. The over all organisation will not be changed but some items will be removed and other will be added. Comments are welcome.

Previous news items: 2000, 1999,1998.

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