November 16th, 2005: Announcing mcstas-1.9

Here it is, finally - the new stable release of McStas. The list of new features and other things we spent time doing is available in the usual CHANGES document. Get your new McStas here.

April 20th, 2005: McZilla bug reporting tool

To ease the process of bug reporting and to follow status on reported bugs in McStas, a Bugzilla system has been set up at McZilla. The system is open for everyone (requires you to register an email adress) and can be used for bug reporting, requesting features and later also for committing components for the McStas contrib library. To see status of unsolved bugs, click here

April 20th, 2005: McStas web frontend

As promised, a demo of the webserver frontend created by ILL student S. Jean ILL/DS/CS has been set up. Go ahead, click and play...

March 16th, 2005: Website update

To indicate the increased level of cooperation between ILL and RISØ on the full McStas project, the website has been refurbished and is now available also at

Other nice things to come are

February 17th, 2005: McStas quality insurance

The full McStas team participated in an ILL meeting on neutron ray-tracing software for instrument simulations and code quality on February 8th. Several conlusions were drawn and a new strategy for testing and quality control was formulated. Read the related post to neutron-mc by Emmanuel.

February 17th, 2005: New McStas team member

We are very happy to announce that Klaus Lieutenant, former member of the Vitess project is now a member of the McStas team. Klaus has been employed in a Post Doc position at the ILL to work on several McStas related topics of interest to ILL and the neutron MC community in general.

January 18th, 2005: McKnoppix cd image

A new easy way to get started with McStas is to download the McKnoppix iso9660 CD image, including a tuned Linux installation with McStas and support applications installed.